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Once a year we organize a wellness retreat designed to realign your mind, body and spirit through immersion in culture, healthy habits, adventure and self love. Join us on a journey of the senses through the jungles of Hawai'i island.

 Pampering begins with a welcoming spa day in the rainforest. Each day thereafter will be full of yoga, organic, healthy meals, meditation, hiking, swimming, Hawaiian culture, adventure and most of all rejuvenation. 

Accommodations include a shared yurt living space, an acre of Hawaiian rainforest jungle to explore and an outdoor shower/bathhouse. Tucked away in the rainforest we guide you through an unforgettable experience and send you home with the spirit of Aloha coursing through your veins. 

Your retreat includes transportation to and from the airport (ITO), a bed to call your own, organic, healthy meals (vegan options), a soothing massage in the rainforest, an invigorating body scrub,  a gel pedicure or a gel manicure , a 3 hour lava boat tour, a tour to the volcanic crater, several waterfall hikes, yoga and meditation every day, a lei making class, Hawaiian cultural education classes, farmer's markets, a bon fire party, snorkeling and if you come on the week of Merrie Monarch, there will be plenty of Hawaiian cultural activities to partake in.



Your retreat includes a welcoming massage in the Hawaiian rainforest close to your yurt so you can take a rejuvenating nap afterwards. An invigorating body scrub will help get your skin glowing and fresh!

Your spa day will also include a gel manicure or pedicure. 

Lava Boat Tour

Your three hour lava boat tour will take you into the Hawaiian waters to view the lava flowing into the pacific ocean. This is earth being created at the source!

Bring clothes to stay dry and warm! Ocean and weather  conditions change rapidly and unpredictably. 


We will provide alkaline water and snacks and meals throughout your retreat. 

All food will be bought locally and be healthy and delicious. 

Vegan options are available. 

If you have any food allergies or preferences, please state in your e-mail.


We will have several teachers teaching several different styles of classes daily. Pranyama and meditation classes will be taught as well. Yoga classes are optional but strongly recommended for all levels. 

Types of yoga:

Yoga Nidra- A relaxing practice that helps bring the mind into a state of complete relaxation, similar to the state right before one falls into a deep sleep. 

Vinyasa Flow- A rhythmic  flow of postures designed to lengthen the muscles, strengthen the core, quiet the mind and awaken the body's natural energy. 

Yin Yoga- A practice designed to work on the connective tissues and ligaments in the joints, increasing flexibility, range of motion and blood flow.

Seva- Selfless service. Giving with no personal gain or award. 


Our two yurts and cabin are set on one acre of land, deep inside the Hawaiian rainforest. 

Here you will find many different species of wildlife. At night we are sung to sleep by the coqui frogs. During the day sometimes we'll see a family of pigs come through and occasionally some mongoose will pop up and say hi. 

There is an outhouse with an outdoor shower and bathtub, sink and toilet. Shower and bathe with the forest as your backdrop. The ultimate RESTroom. 

The entire system that these three structures are working on are OFF-GRID. We use water catchments to hold the rainwater, filter it then filter it again through an alkaline system. The toilets are for compost and our electricity comes from solar panels. PONO living at it's finest. 

Sample Itinerary

Example of an adventure day.


Early Morning Meditation in the forest

45 minute guided meditation listening to the forest's birds and leaves rustling with the breeze. 


Breakfast is Served

An aca'i bowl created by our very own Ayurvedic dietician


Hawaiian Culture Lecture by Hawaiian Studies Major

Hear the ancient Hawaiian stories of the beautiful lands we will be exploring.


Coastal Drive and Waterfall Hikes

Try your yoga moves by a waterfall, enjoy a tour through the Hawaiian lush tropical gardens and collect flowers for lei making. Lunch in a forest. 


Mermaid Ponds

Snorkel, float and swim with turtles, fish and more. Snacks provided


Dinner on the land

Alkaline water to cleanse your system and a healthy meal created by our Ayurvedic dietician.


Awa Ceremony

Enjoy a nice cup of awa in a ceremony designed to celebrate life, release old energy and manifest blessings for future. 


Shower and Lights out

Bathe, shower or wind down with a cup of tea by the fire. All large lights will be turned out so we can enjoy the starlight and some inward reflecting. Small string lights will guide your path through the forest at night. Coqui frogs will serenade you into a deep slumber.


APRIL 4-11

8 days, 7 nights


April 14-21 Merrie Monarch

8 days, 7 nights


April 23-30

8 days, 7 nights



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